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Heroes Fandom People Listing

A few years ago, I put together an opt-in listing of people in the Smallville fandom. SGA also has an excellent resource.

I'd like for Heroes fandom to have a cool set of links like those.

That's where *you* come in. If you've ever participated in the Heroes fandom (wrote stories, created art, made a few vids, or hey, if you talk about the show), I'd love for you to comment with the following:

Fill out whatever's applicable. This is open to people with and without a journal. If you're a Heroes fan and want to be linked on the page, go for it.

What can be found there: (What kind of pairings do you write, what do you talk about, etc.)
Links to anything you did in the Heroes fandom that you think is especially cool:

Is there a site (other than your own) you'd like people to consider visiting in the Heroes fandom? Why?
Favorite Pairing(s) - (keep it to three and under, folks)?
Favorite Character?
Favorite Episode?

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LINK THIS. I would love, love, love for as many people to be linked here as possible. Think of it as something of a Heroes Fandom Master List or something! Even if I have you on my personal links list already, please fill out a comment here. You may comment at any time, whenever you come across this, even if it's a year from now.

*IF YOUR INFORMATION CHANGES*, please find your original comment and respond to it with the modifications, or edit your comment if you're able. I want to put a link up to this on the archive and let people see pages and pages of Heroes fans to check out.
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Grand opening! We can has Heroes archive!

Dear Heroes Fandom,

I don't know about *you*, but it's kind of hard to search through communities, personal journals, del.icio and...well, everywhere else there's Heroes fic, in order to find the stories I want to read. Things get so easily lost on the internet, or people delete their journals, and we miss out on great things! Imagine if there was a place where Heroes fans could go and search for stories all in one spot - and only Heroes stories?

So a few months ago, I decided to start The List, a new Heroes archive. We accept and host finished Heroes fiction of all ratings, pairings and genres. We'll also be opening a section for meta shortly. This archive wouldn't be opening without the AMAZING talents of elli and syrenslure, so if you think the archive is as lovely as I think it is, it is all thanks to them.

I have a personal goal of seeing 300 stories archived in our first month. Wouldn't that be cool? It'll be even cooler if you read the FAQ to ensure that we're able to welcome your story. We've laid out what we're looking for as clearly as possible, but if you need some clarification - we just opened! Now's a great time to ask so we can make sure no one is confused.

(Now, you still need to read the FAQ, but here's a brief listing of what we do/do not allow.)

We welcome the following:
Slash fiction - yes!
Het fiction - yes!
Gen fiction - yes!
Crossovers (so long as a good portion of the story is Heroes) - yes!
Meta - yes, on a limited basis. See the Meta pages for more details.

We do NOT allow:
RPF (real person fiction) - no!
WiPs (works in progress) - no! No WiPs (works in progress); only completed stories will be allowed. If you are writing an on-going series, we will permit those, but each installment must be able to stand on its own.
Song fics (stories that heavily feature song lyrics; also called filk) - no!
Minors having sex with adults - no! Stories containing adults having sex with minors are strictly forbidden. No one under 16 having sex; 16-18 year olds, only with each other.
Poetry - no!
Stories less than 500 words - no!

Our 300 Stories in One Month Goal

What we're especially interested in is having authors upload (at least!) one story of theirs to the archive - this way, people can at least have a shot of finding you in here, and realizing you exist, and going to your personal site to look for more things of interest. I'd like to highly encourage you to take the time out to archive at least one of your stories as soon as possible so you can see how easy it is, and to get your name in our archive's database. Then you can always add more stories at your leisure, or a couple stories a week, or however you want to do it!

But for now, we'd love it if you at least started with one. Pick your personal favorite, or your most popular! Just make sure you've read through the FAQ to ensure that we can accept your story. *g*

This archive will be utterly USELESS if people don't use it - we WANT YOU TO USE IT! We want you to be able to be able to say, hmm, I want to see if there's any awesome fic with (insert random pairing here), and come to our archive, and have a whole list available with one click. We want people to be able to say, 'hmm, I wonder if there are any codas available just for episode 2.01' - and be able to find a whole listing of them!

So please, please, come on in, read through our FAQ, read through our super easy Posting Interface, and start uploading your work. And if you mess up the first time - no big deal! We can take it down, so don't be afraid to give it a try.

We have a bunch of linkback buttons, and would appreciate you spreading the word on your journals and websites that we exist. The more stories we have available for people to read, the more awesome and helpful this archive will be to our entire community. And just to be totally clear - this in no way is meant to replace any other online community. We have a wide range of healthy, active fic communities in Heroes fandom, and we want them to continue to be active! We just think it's a great idea to have one really well-organized and fun place that fans of all pairings and genres can come to to look for fic.

Come check us out! And if you've written Heroes fic, WE WANT YOU.

PS: We heartily encourage you to friend/watch heroesarchive - it will be low traffic, we promise, and will provide you with any important updates on the archive.

AND ALSO - Would you like to be a Featured Reccer on the archive? See more details here!

~ svmadelyn, syrenslure and elli, your faithful archive admins
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The List - Featured Stories of the Month

On the new Heroes archive, I want to try out a reccing feature. Basically, I want to have four 'featured' stories a month - so that's four reccers, one story they like on the archive, each month. All of these recs will be at the discretion of the reccers themselves, so we can't vouch for the content or awesome levels, but it'll at least be interesting to see if you enjoy a story they pick, and it might expose you to some new authors you've never heard of.

These reccers will look through as many stories on the archive as they'd like - but they must choose from stories actually *on* the archive, not just any other site. Then they will contribute a tiny blurb about what they liked about the story - 1-2 sentences. It will remain as a 'featured' story on the site for one month.

These reccers must be able to commit to three consecutive months of reccing - picking *one* link a month to feature. The story does not necessarily have to have been added in that month, it can be however old; it just cannot have been previously recced.

If you'd like to sign up to be a reccer, I want one het reccer, one slash reccer, one gen reccer and one 'any' reccer. I'll be taking the 'any' for the first three months.

If you're signing up, you're promising me that you're going to:
a) send me a link to a story at heroesarchive AT
b) send me 1-2 sentences about why you liked it
c) do both things by the 26th of each month, without me having to email you or track you down. *g*

(Your first e-mail is due to me by July 30th. Your final rec will go up October 26th, and then our new reccers will start.)

Slash - sparky77
Het -
Gen - forsquilis
Any - svmadelyn

I'll edit this post to reflect when we have our first batch of reccers, and in October, we'll get 4 new reccers. So yes, comment below if you'd like to take one of our first slots as a reccer!
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zomg, you guys, we are ready for some testing!

Please go to: and COME BACK HERE and answer some questions.

1. How does the site look in your browser? Are you seeing three columns? (If you are seeing two, let us know what your screen resolution and browser is.)

2. Read through the FAQ and Rules - anything read awkwardly to you?

3. If you have written something in Heroes fandom, we'd love it if you could go to the Posting Interface and let us know if the instructions are easy to follow, or if there's something we can do to make it clearer. (And go upload something!)

If you haven't written a Heroes story and still would like to test it for us (which, awesome!) just upload some random story/thing of yours and let us know to erase it.

4. Poke around the Quicksearch links - everything in good working order?

5. Any final links you can think of to add?
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pokey stick - dear focus group:

I know it's not terribly exciting stuff, but it is what you're here for! Read the FAQ! Nitpick the FAQ and the Links section! Add things! I want this all to be good stuff. And if you don't want to offer opinions, or you're not going to be around, that's fine, but let me know so I can find people who can/will.
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Links section -

We're going to have a links section on the archive, so I'd love to hear your favorite places to go in Heroes fandom. This can be message boards, communities, gallery sites, whatever. Anything Heroes related that you think is awesome, please make sure that I know to list it!